Provision of reports in relation to:

  • Causing death by dangerous / careless driving.

  • Dangerous Driving.

  • Careless Driving.

  • Pedestrian collisions.

  • Motorcycle / pedal cycle collisions.

  • Mobile telephone use.

  • Speeding offences.

  • Locus examinations, to ascertain road layout, signage, drivers / pedestrian views, lighting conditions, condition and effect of road surface and weather conditions.

  • Vehicles examinations to determine mechanical defects and the potential for them to have been a contributory factor in an incident.

  • Drink driving offences.

  • Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) offences.

  • Criminal matters involving the use of motor vehicles.

  • Examination of Police procedures.


What does the report look like and contain ?

We are often asked by new clients these questions:

Our reports contain a thorough independent and objective assessment of the incident or circumstances we are instructed to investigate.

If required we can supply maps, scale plan drawings, photographs or video to support our report.

Although our reports are instructed by an individual or organisation, ultimately our assessment of the circumstances must remain objective and fair.


Fee Structure

We provide competitive rates for our professional services as one of Scotland’s leading Forensic Collision Investigation Expert teams.

Our wide range of services can be funded either by sanction from The Scottish Legal Aid Board, by private individuals or insurance companies.

A comprehensive estimate of any likely fee for a report and court attendance can be provided on request following consideration of the circumstances and incident to be examined.